About Safety First

Welcome to Safety First Fire Prevention

We’re about Experience

With over sixty years of experience since our inception in 1949, we have grown nationwide and beyond.

In giving the best service to our clients in the industrial, commercial, institutional and telecommunications sectors, we continue to thrive as a full service fire protection installation and maintenance company.

Through ongoing training by manufacturer as well industry memberships such as the NFPA, NAFED and the CFAA, our technicians are specialized and fully qualified.


We’re about Innovation

Experience has given us a unique insight into the changing industry of fire prevention.

It’s our policy to always strive to improve effectiveness and efficiency in protecting you and your investments against fire.

We achieve this by working closely with our manufacturers, engineers, cities and municipalities as well as through our industry associations.  The development of our branded kitchen fire suppression systems stemmed from this way of thinking.


We’re about Reliability:

We understand the consequences of downtime.  Our 24/7 Emergency Service means that we are always available when you need us to get you back up and running.

Real time GPS tracking allows us to dispatch our service technicians fast and efficiently.

Our technicians are connected and integrated with our database which allows for streamlined scheduling which means less paperwork and higher productivity.


We’re about Customer Satisfaction:

Our vision is long term and our goal is continued growth through client satisfaction and loyalty.

We are a full service fire protection provider.  From a fire extinguisher to an addressable fire alarm panel protecting a multi-unit high rise, our fully trained and certified technicians, designers, engineers and support staff are capable and ready to handle your project.

Big or small all of our customers can expect the same level of quality in our service.